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Furman University

Love is Blind: Cupid Called, but Did We Answer?

The "Love is Blind" survey was a hit on campus, and raises important questions about social life at Furman in a pandemic.
Furman University

GERs Are Not the Bad Guys

GERs get a bad rap. Students should cherish the opportunity to explore new subjects.
Scott Johnson

Voice Major Scott Johnson: How one Furman Student Hopes to Impact Others Through Song

Scott Johnson is a voice major, and he is striving to use his talents to change the world.
Furman Athletics

Sports are Back! Furman Cross Country Gears Up For Fall Competition

Furman cross country will be defending their championship on Nov. 21 in Macon, GA.
Jordan Zahora

Students From the First-Generation Student Alliance

First generation students are pioneers, now they are leading in a new way.
Lydia Morris

COVID-19 Brings New Opportunities and Challenges to College Recruitment

COVID-19 has given college coaches extra time to recruit this fall. However, it has also kept some of the country's most talented high school seniors off the court.
Furman University

Entrenched and Out of Touch: Reimagining Student Life at Furman

COVID-19 has drastically changed social life on campus. But rather than relishing a return to our pre-pandemic normal, we should strive for something different and better.
Furman University

Administration Releases Spring Calendar

Furman modified its spring calendar and students reacted.
Furman News

Joseph Vaughn Plaza Construction Underway

Furman recently broke ground on the Joseph Vaughn Plaza, which will honor the first Black undergraduate student to attend Furman.
Furman University

Politics and Social Media are a Lethal Pair

Social media should be for connection, not division.

COVID-19 Dashboard Update: Caseload Remains Low

Furman continues to perform well with a low COVID-19 caseload.
Austin Green

A Beacon of Hope: Reckoning at Furman

Vaughn has now made history at Furman twice: he desegregated Furman’s student body in 1965 and now, he will become the first statue built in honor of a black student.

If Furman Wants Us All to Vote, They Know What They Need to Do

Want students to vote? Give them a day off.
Furman Athletics

Paladin Profile: Drew Singerman, Men's Tennis

Furman was favored to win the SOCON last Spring, before COVID-19 canceled their season. This year, under Singerman's leadership, the team is back and reaching for new heights.

Black Women Bear the Heaviest Burden: They Deserve Our Admiration and Respect

The Furman community is so close and interconnected, we should all make an effort to understand individuals for who they are and not judge them based on what we think we know.
Furman University

Being An Active Citizen Against Climate Change is Not a Choice

We can be the generation that makes a difference in the fight against climate change, but we need to start now.
Furman University

Why Resuming Campus Tours Is A Good Idea

Criticism of campus tours is overblown.
Furman University and Associated Press

Dakota Dozier: Paladin Turned Viking

Dakota Dozier discusses how Furman football prepared him for the NFL.
Furman News

Administration Cancels Oct. 31 Commencement: Alumni React

Recent alums were relieved and supportive of the University's decision to cancel their commencement.
Dr. Omar Carmenates

Beats, Birds and Beauty: Unique Interdepartmental Project Mixes Music and Environmental Activism

Departments work together to produce a project as unconventional as it is exciting.

COVID-19 Dashboard Update: Random Testing Begins

The updated dashboard included more tests than previous weeks, but not many more positive cases.
Furman Athletics

Football is Back? An Unusual Spring Season Begins to Take Shape

Recent announcements indicate that a spring football season is likely. What that will look like in practice, however, remains unclear.

The Dangerous Appeal of Donald Trump to Furman Students

Trump's appeal may be especially compelling to privileged college students who are insulated from the consequences of politics.
Elizabeth Collins

“We’re Still Here:” The Warehouse Theatre’s "Objectivity" Overcomes Pandemic Challenges

While times still seem dark, the lights of the Warehouse Theatre are still shining, even if it may be through the screen of a laptop.
Unsplash, Claire Anderson

The Supreme Court is Important, Especially for College Students

College students should care about this election even more now that the future of the Supreme Court is on the ballot.
Furman Athletics

Dynamic Duo: Adrian Hope and Devin Wynn are Furman Football's All-Americans

Best friends, team leaders, and now, All-Americans
Jeremy Fleming

For the Love of Live Theatre: a Review on Furman Theatre's "Love and Information"

This show succeeded in bringing people together at a time when connection is almost impossible, and in doing so, it kept the tradition of live theater at Furman alive. 
Furman Athletics

President Davis: "Athletics Has Needed Money for Years"

President Davis said, “There is never going to be a way that makes people happy, I don’t know if there is a ‘good’ way to do it. Nobody anticipated a pandemic.”

SGA's COVID-19 Budget Breakdown

SGA made difficult cuts to adapt its budget to an unprecedented semester.
Furman University

Furman has Sacrificed the Environment for Public Safety

Ensuring social safety does not mean the university cannot be environmentally conscious. Even when COVID-19 has passed, the environment will still need humans to care for it.
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