ZoomUni Podcast

A new podcast by Evan Myers examining the changes occurring on campuses around the country this fall.

Supreme but Struggling: Discussing The Court and the Challenges Facing American Institutions

Dr. Nelsen and I are joined by Furman Politics & International Affairs professors Dr. Jim Guth and Dr. Brittany Arsiniega for a lively discussion about the Supreme Court, ACB's nomination, and the challenges facing American institutions.


Racial Justice at Furman: Institutional Responsibility and Interpersonal Reconciliation

A deep dive into the social, cultural, and political climate surrounding discussions of racial justice at Furman.

We sit down with junior Asha Marie, one of Furman's most prominent student leaders on issues of diversity and inclusion, to discuss how Furman is addressing its past and what that means for current students.


The Future of Study Away?

What does the future of study away look like? Will it ever be the same?

These are the questions we are taking on this week with the Director and Assistant Director of Furman’s Study Away Center, Nancy Georgiev and Ben Efrid respectively, as well as the Executive US Director of EPA Internships, a company that helps facilitate students study abroad experiences in Europe.


Election 2020: Student Voting in a Pandemic

College students are loud on social media and in the streets, but will they vote? It is a campus question, but it could have huge consequences for the November election.

The crew sits down with Furman Politics & International Affairs professor, Dr. David Fleming, and Editor-in-Chief of the Michigan Daily (the University of Michigan's student newspaper), Lizzie Lawrence, to discuss student voting and the political climate on campus this fall.


College in a Post COVID-19 World: What Schools can do to Prepare for the Future

We sit down with Anthony Herrera, the Founding Executive Director of Furman Innovation and Entrepreneurship, to discuss how COVID-19 disrupted the college business model and what higher education needs to be doing right now to get ready for a turbulent future.


Furman's COVID-19 Success Story: Where do we go From Here?

We welcome all of the good news, but the question remains, where do we go from here?

Thursday, Sept. 3, Furman announced mandatory tests for all students on-campus after off-campus parties led to an outbreak with a nearly 60% positivity rate. The next day, Friday, Sept. 4, the University tested 1,254 students and on Monday, Sept. 7 announced that a total of three students tested positive for COVID-19, for a positivity rate of 0.24%. Sophomores and Juniors are slated to come back this weekend.


Racial Justice on Campus: Unity through Truth-telling

In this episode, we sit down with leaders from Furman University and Howard University to discuss how racial justice is taking shape on campus this fall and explore the differences between PWIs (predominantly white institutions) and HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities).


Private Christian Education in a Time of COVID-19: Check-In with Bob Jones University

Check out this special episode of ZoomUni where we check in with Furman's neighbor, Bob Jones University, a Christian, liberal arts school.

In this brief interview, we explore how Bob Jones has responded to COVID-19 and how its unique campus culture has affected its approach.


The Inflection Point: COVID-19 on Campus

Early Aug. 27, Furman announced that the administration placed 53 students in quarantine due to potential exposure from parties at the former Kappa Alpha Fraternity house over the weekend of Aug. 22.

In light of the announcement, we sit down with Connie Carson, Furman's VP for Student Life, to discuss the implications of these events for the fall semester, the capacity of students to adapt and change their behavior, and the administration's commitment to keeping students on campus.


Greek Week: Controversy on Campus

Greek Life today finds itself at the crossroads of several major issues on campus.

From the abolish Greek life movement and calls for racial justice to COVID-19 response, greek groups around the country have found themselves once again at the center of controversy on campus. In this episode, we chat with my brother, a Sigma Nu at Northwestern University, Rebecca Griesbach and Hannah Saad from the University of Alabama, and finally Luke Allcock, Furman's former IFC President to discuss all things Greek.


Fall Sports Cancelled - Checking In with Furman QB Hamp Sisson

Quick check-in with Furman QB Hamp Sisson to touch base on how the football team and other fall athletes are responding to the SOCON's decision to cancel fall sports.


Sports this Semester - Can College Athletics Survive COVID-19?

The threat of COVID-19 on campus may cause conferences around the country to cancel college athletics this fall.

We sit down with Furman QB Hamp Sisson and guard Alex Hunter to discuss how they are approaching their upcoming seasons. Plus, we check in with Jack West, Editor in Chief of the Auburn Plainsman, to learn a bit more about where Auburn and the SEC stand on football this fall.


COVID-19 Response on Campus

COVID-19 response and coming back to campus safely this fall with Furman University's Dr. Jason Cassidy and Dr. John Wheeler.

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