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Do you listen to boring music? It is time to change that.

This week we're into Frank Ocean covers, Chicago-based jazz, rap and soft rock group Manwolves, and a YouTube playlist worth getting lost in. Unsplash

So, we missed the last two weeks--that’s our bad. But we’re back now with a list of songs to start off your November on a new note.\

On this week’s queue...

1. “American Wedding” by Frank Ocean

This one’s for all the Frank fans, Hotel California lovers, and SoundCloud followers. Think Hotel California music meets Frank Ocean lyrics-- guitar solo included. This cover of Ocean’s can be hard to find and occasionally the links to it on SoundCloud disappear, but the seven-minute listening experience is worth the hunt. 

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2. “These Days” by Manwolves

Brought to you via recommendation of senior Diego Ramos-Torrescano, who went to highschool with this group of five guys back in Chicago. Their sound profile is a mix of jazz, rap and rock. Don’t believe it? Give the song 30 seconds to hook you on the jazz, a minute for the rap to come in, and about two minutes and 30 seconds for the notes of soft rock. At that point, you might as well stick it through for the outro that closes the song with sad riffs of a trumpet that’ll sing in your ear, pull on your heartstrings and leave you wanting to listen again. 

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3. “Como habla una mujer” by Paula Cendejas 

At first listen, the silky quality of Cendejas' voice and the song’s blend of live instruments and electronic beats get you thinking this tune is the perfect mix of sounds for sipping on a glass of wine at night as the November weather creeps in. These soft sounds are juxtaposed by the strength in how Cendeja explores the understanding, or rather lack thereof, of “Como habla una mujer” (or, “How a woman talks”); it’s at once both soothing and sharp. Cendejas' background has strong reggaeton influences, but her music also has a delicacy to it and a slight R&B feel. Keep on the lookout for her upcoming EP.

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4. “TRAPPIN IN J A P A N 4” Playlist by Ryan Celcius Sounds

A playlist described by Ryan Celcius Sounds as “trap, phonk, mix with anime, gaming, and 420 influence.” It’s available on SoundCloud, and on YouTube you can find some mesmerizing visuals for any one who is a fan of the late-night-drive aesthetic. Put this on your laptop and let yourself get lost for 56 minutes, or share it on your TV as background entertainment. 

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5. “9” by Willow

Willow and SZA make the ultimate girl-power duo in this song. Their voices melt together as if they were made to accompany one another, and the finished product of their sound is something ethereal and melancholy at the same time. It’s the idea of counting down numbered days and the acceptance of a relationship gap that’s “not negative, just different,” that makes this song so bitter-sweet and addicting for us. What about for you?

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