Furman FCA Has a Place and Message for All

Some of Furman's top athletes are formed by their faith.

FCA gathers to worship on Tuesday nights. Furman FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a student-led Christian organization on campus which seeks to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and foster love and community on Furman’s campus. FCA seeks to serve the student community through its weekly worship on Tuesday nights. These meetings are times for students to sing, connect, and hear an encouraging message, especially in these tough times. Another way FCA serves and loves the Furman community is through on-campus Bible studies. For students and athletes alike, weekly men’s and women’s Bible studies are available and are led by members of FCA Leadership. FCA also benefits the Furman community through its Outreach Team. Each week, they choose to give gifts and notes of encouragement to teams, athletes, and coaches. These activities are all part of FCA’s mission: presenting the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships, and participating in the fellowship of the church. FCA’s goal is to present this mission to athletes, coaches, and all who they influence.

Furman FCA is currently led by President Hamp Sisson and Vice-President Natalie Morgan. Both are juniors and leaders within their respective sports. Hamp is the quarterback on the football team while Natalie is the catcher for the softball team. Both exemplify servant leadership at Furman – living by faith and walking in love. “Love is a really strong word,” Hamp stated in a one-on-one interview last fall. “It’s not talked much about in football, but if you love your teammates you are going to always fight for them and do everything you can to lift up your brother in all circumstances.” Natalie and Hamp demonstrate that servant leadership means living for more than winning records, personal highlights, or academic achievements. Natalie offered this perspective on servant leadership: “Jesus perfectly depicts the term servant leadership... He loved all and served all. He lived a perfect life and selflessly gave his life for all, extending the purest love.” With Christ as their role model, Hamp and Natalie seek to serve Furman’s community in the locker-room, in the classroom, and during Tuesday worship nights at FCA.

When asked about what attracted him to FCA, Hamp responded, “The community of people within FCA immediately welcomed me in as a freshman. I learned that FCA is composed of a group of genuine people who want to grow in their faith and grow closer to one another. I wanted to be a part of that group.” Being a part of FCA and growing with others in that community has enabled Hamp and Natalie to know who they truly are. “My faith has been my rock,” Natalie said, “My relationship with the Lord has shown me that my performance on the field does not define my worth.” Similarly, Hamp’s faith has allowed him to fully understand his identity. “My identity ultimately comes from the Lord and what He says about me,” he explained.

Together, Hamp and Natalie have a message for the Furman community: “We are all so much more than simply athletes and students at Furman,” Hamp stated, “We each have unique gifts, talents, and a God-given purpose in life.” To complement Hamp’s message, Natalie added, “There is no grade, no statistic, no professor, no coach, or teammate who can define who you are. You are loved and worthy of all things in the eyes of the Lord.”

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